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The Brownsville Repertory Theatre YOUTH CONSERVATORY COMPANY is an intense musical theatre training program for students with a passion for musical theatre performance and interest in training for a possible future career in the musical theatre industry. (ONLINE AUDITION INSTRUCTIONS LISTED BELOW!)

A serious approach to each medium (voice, acting, dance) is required as well as an interest in improving and refining overall musical theatre performance technique.


Entrance is by audition only.

Company members will participate in a Winter Showcase of talent and a full Spring musical theatre production from the canon through a Broadway licensing company. During this time they will receive the utmost possible training in each required musical theatre medium.

All Company Students are required to participate in our Extended Learning program, which includes the standard 10-12 hour/week training program as well as 2 elective courses at the Brownsville Performing Arts Academy and a three week Summer Program. We encourage serious musical theatre students to train as much as possible, and Brownsville Rep is excited to offer this option of training.

Your audition is the first step in Company membership.



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Online Audition

Submission Instructions

Please use the link to the left to begin your audition application for the Brownsville Rep Youth Conservatory Company.

Once you click the link you will be re-directed to our online audition platform You will need to create an account and password. Once in the platform please read through all of the info carefully and fill out the form.


Auditions will be held on Saturday, June 27. Upon receipt of his or her audition form, students will be given all audition details, including his or her audition time slot. this will also be their audition for this summer's Broadway Boot Camp, beginning July 1st. 

If chosen from this audition, each potential company member may be required to attend an interview and orientation meeting in order to design his or her individual program of study with Brownsville Rep and review all company expectations.  

Company Projected Cost Breakdown/Requirements 

Standard Tuition- $75.00 Monthly. First Month’s tuition due July 1, 2020 or at the completion of interview/orientation. This deposit covers all Brownsville Repertory Theatre classes and rehearsals for month 1 of 12. 


Extended Learning Requirements - $75.00 Monthly. Each Company member is REQUIRED to take 2 additional Brownsville Performing Arts Academy classes (Voice, Piano, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, etc.). 

Broadway Boot Camp - $350.00 (once a year). Each Company member is REQUIRED to attend the four week Broadway Boot Camp during Summer 2020.

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