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Carolyn Wood, President

Lyza Gonzalez, VP 

Myra Flores, Treasurer

Tanya Miracle, Secretary

Alex Anzaldua Member-At-Large

Oscar D. Garcia, Member-At-Large

Cheryl Palacios, Member-At-Large

Shaghayegh Setayesh, Member-At-Large


Chris Ikner, Artistic Director, Founder

Zachary Stutts, Managing Director, Founder

Michele Wolding, Associate Director, Founder

Holly Putegnat, Technical Director

Allison Boyle

Kiryat Castillo

Aldo Longoria

Margarita Perez

Emilio Sosa III

Caty Wantland

Brownsville Repertory Theatre is a professional theatre based on the founding principles of love, artistry, and respect and is committed to the cultural richness of the region of the Rio Grande Valley through the shared experience of live theatre and its educational programs. We contribute by producing creative, thoughtful, and high quality year-round programming as well as collaborating with like-minded arts and cultural organizations.

We want to present as many stories as well as we can. If it’s a story you’ve seen before, we want to make it live for you in a new way. If it’s a story you don’t know, we want to send you away better for having seen it. If it’s a story nobody knows, we want to teach the world how to tell it.

We’re also interested in the storytellers; the actors, singers, dancers, musicians, builders, artists and workers that it takes to tell a story, which is why we train as many of them as we can. We want to make sure they can muster the confidence and compassion necessary to bring stories forward. We work to make Brownsville Rep an artistic home for them.

Mostly though, we want to tell you a story. We need you most of all. Without an audience, we’re just playing dress up.

Theatre is about telling stories. Specifically, making theatre, for us, is about taking the raw text that might contain a story and turning it into a living, breathing thing with a beating heart with as much love, care, and talent that you can pour into it.

When this is done right, everyone who takes part in it is transformed for the better. We call it a “shared experience”. This is what our mission calls for.

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